That thing called TADHANA

Dammit! i just finish watching this movie a few minutes ago and it pressed those emotional buttons so well. I saw the trailer a few months back and from the get go, it was a movie about getting over the broken heart. When i hear ‘broken heart’ i immediately thought that i could not relate to it but this movie was not just about moving on.

The quote posted above made meΒ  realised “yeah, one should not be afraid to love”. Even if it doesnt work out at first ,surely at one point in your life the amount of love you give will be returned to you. That’s the thing, Im always afraid to show the person how much i love them or let them know i love them. Im afraid of rejection but at the end I find myself alone, with me being coward i guess that’s something i have to live with.


2 thoughts on “That thing called TADHANA

  1. Oh hi Leslie, I saw u post this in minmincouple wordpress and I’m glad u’re maintaining such blog. I may not be a frequent blog visitor now nor type in my wanderlust thoughts but from time to time I still ensure I peek in to the world of my minmin sisters!

    I like this post in particular, I like the film too and now I have one more blog to visit and follow πŸ™‚

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