elphaba is my hero!

she is amazing and the show was phenomenal!!!

I was able catch the show last Dec 5 and it was so damn great! The thing about not knowing the story is that you dont have expectations and you get bits of surprises along the way which delights you even more. Before stepping into the theatre I only know one song from this musical which was the song DEFYING GRAVITY, unlike when i saw Lion King musical I know all of the songs.

Jemma Rix and Lucy Durack were wonderful as Elphaba and Glinda respectively. ❤

Our seats were cherry on top! haha bless Sunny for picking good seats this time.


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leaving 2014


Melbourne will always be my first love here in down under, it showed me the two sides of life and at the end you simply appreciate whatever it is that comes your way. Visiting my hometown last November made me felt like a wreck, the long flights and problems drained the shit out of me. So i decided to ‘relax’ and forget , Melbourne was my escape.

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Splurging in Melbourne

Who said shopping in a limited time would feel like a marathon!? that’s exactly how i felt when we spent one and a half day in Melbourne last week.  I have so many bittersweet memories in that city but i still wished i had enough time to roam around or see old friends. Anyhow, my friend Nerissa told me she’s flying to Melbourne in November and I’ll see if I can take a short leave during that month to see Beverly and her family who helped us a lot when we were still starting here in Aus.


Starbucks, GREEN TEA LATTE is love. I first discovered this in Seoul early this year and every time i go to Sydney I get this in Grande. HNNG. One thing i dont like though is that they keep writing my name that way.

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Weekend in Sydney



I spent last weekend with Sunny in Sydney (that rhymes! LOL) and we were able to get last two tickets for Disney’s Lion King which was AMAZING! Hands down to the production and i specially loved the costumes! Hyenas were great they stole the show for me.ha! Not only that we were able to see the last two days of Vivid Lights Sydney,talking about killing two birds with one stone. ❤ Ahhh I will be back, this place gives me life really.
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