For The Girls Who Drink Vodka


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There are wine drinkers, and there are whiskey drinkers. There are beer drinkers, rum drinkers, jungle juice drinkers, and everything in between. There’s something to be said about all drinks and the people who drink them. We choose drinks partially out of taste, but also as a silent categorizer. Our drinks can introduce us before we can open our mouths. (Don’t try to tell me that you haven’t made up your mind about the guys taking tequila shots in the corner. You know those guys without even talking to them – you know them from the lime wedges and the salt shakers.) 

This is for the girls who drink vodka — the girls who choose the clearest and harshest of liquids. The girls who are deceptively complex. The girls who appear transparent, but are deeper than you think. 

The girls who drink vodka don’t care…

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