Yanghwa BRDG

As always , you are amazing ZION.T

I’ve ran out of adjectives to describe how incredibly talented you are. I really did contemplate for a while whether i’ll fly to Seoul in March to watch you and Crush do your thing on stage. However, i need to make the other trip plausible this year so i’m throwing my luck to Lady fate that in time i’ll be able to see you perform live. Please come to Australia. ❤

elphaba is my hero!

she is amazing and the show was phenomenal!!!

I was able catch the show last Dec 5 and it was so damn great! The thing about not knowing the story is that you dont have expectations and you get bits of surprises along the way which delights you even more. Before stepping into the theatre I only know one song from this musical which was the song DEFYING GRAVITY, unlike when i saw Lion King musical I know all of the songs.

Jemma Rix and Lucy Durack were wonderful as Elphaba and Glinda respectively. ❤

Our seats were cherry on top! haha bless Sunny for picking good seats this time.


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work slave

I hate to admit that i am married to my job. T_______T kjdfhkdjahk!! i dont have a life apart from being a couch potato two days in a week and be a slave for 5 days. This is why Tom seemed to be like a very attractive person for a short time because he looks so dependable. Yes im putting that trait on top of my list now in what to look for in a lifetime partner.

Back to my worry, next week was supposed to be my week off as I have filed for it last year for a friend’s wedding. Unfortunately i had to cancel my trip and decided that I’ll be spending that time learning how to drive. Now my boss offered me to work 3 days next week and save up my holiday because they needed someone to help them with a few projects. I was having second thoughts about it but then T____T June told me, ‘if you want to have a say on certain things then this is the time’. I knew for a fact that Im the type of person who likes to be on top of anything, to be in control, to always have my SAY. In the end, i said YES and probably be whining next week because of the workload.

damn blood type A.

leaving 2014


Melbourne will always be my first love here in down under, it showed me the two sides of life and at the end you simply appreciate whatever it is that comes your way. Visiting my hometown last November made me felt like a wreck, the long flights and problems drained the shit out of me. So i decided to ‘relax’ and forget , Melbourne was my escape.

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