The things I like about him….


I like that he is taking so many things that interests him. That he’s living his life how he see fit.
I like that he can be quiet yet social. I like that he likes his cats and turns into a mush talking about them
I like that he’s good at his job and puts his all into it.
I like that he likes to be mentally and physically challenged.
I like that he takes time to drive and spend time with his parents.
I like that he’s loyal to his mates and does things for them.
I like what he does with his eyeglasses when it fogs up, adjusting and cleaning it. i dont even know why.
I like that he has this boyish charm
I like that he can be sexy without even trying
I like how he smells.
I like how his voice sounds…it’s weirdly comforting.
I like how he hugs..
I like how he kiss..
I like the feeling of just sitting beside him.
I like his warmth…
I like how he stroked my back one time.
I like snuggling beside him and feeling that I’m home.
I like looking at him when he drives, even the most mundane things I like.
I like everything about him..even though i know he has an asshole side. or so my friends say.

……. T____T

But i have to say good bye because it’s hurting me and what I feel is going nowhere.


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