Cancelled trips


First my friend and I decided to see cherry blossoms in Japan next year but then we couldnt get our vacation leaves as others filed theirs ahead of time. *smart*  So then i decided to come home for my friend’s wedding in January but again I changed my mind! ugh. If my Seoul trip gets cancelled, i might as well go bald.


Splurging in Melbourne

Who said shopping in a limited time would feel like a marathon!? that’s exactly how i felt when we spent one and a half day in Melbourne last week.  I have so many bittersweet memories in that city but i still wished i had enough time to roam around or see old friends. Anyhow, my friend Nerissa told me she’s flying to Melbourne in November and I’ll see if I can take a short leave during that month to see Beverly and her family who helped us a lot when we were still starting here in Aus.


Starbucks, GREEN TEA LATTE is love. I first discovered this in Seoul early this year and every time i go to Sydney I get this in Grande. HNNG. One thing i dont like though is that they keep writing my name that way.

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it’s a 60s kind of thing <3

One of my staff didnt turn up during a sunday shift and this song played on the radio while I was giving out a patient’s insulin. For some reason the lyrics got through me and made me feel better, Beach Boys told me “dont worry baby” and i didnt. hahaha. If that made sense.

Hearing old songs made me miss home, it gives that ‘SUNDAY’ feel that you dont have to do anything (well probably some household chores) and mom cooks a great meal. ❤