work slave

I hate to admit that i am married to my job. T_______T kjdfhkdjahk!! i dont have a life apart from being a couch potato two days in a week and be a slave for 5 days. This is why Tom seemed to be like a very attractive person for a short time because he looks so dependable. Yes im putting that trait on top of my list now in what to look for in a lifetime partner.

Back to my worry, next week was supposed to be my week off as I have filed for it last year for a friend’s wedding. Unfortunately i had to cancel my trip and decided that I’ll be spending that time learning how to drive. Now my boss offered me to work 3 days next week and save up my holiday because they needed someone to help them with a few projects. I was having second thoughts about it but then T____T June told me, ‘if you want to have a say on certain things then this is the time’. I knew for a fact that Im the type of person who likes to be on top of anything, to be in control, to always have my SAY. In the end, i said YES and probably be whining next week because of the workload.

damn blood type A.


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