leaving 2014


Melbourne will always be my first love here in down under, it showed me the two sides of life and at the end you simply appreciate whatever it is that comes your way. Visiting my hometown last November made me felt like a wreck, the long flights and problems drained the shit out of me. So i decided to ‘relax’ and forget , Melbourne was my escape.

The photo below was taken on the rooftop of this hotel where we attended a tiki party, i must say it has been a while since i had seen that many booze and crazy people dancing.  Clubbing wasnt my thing and i only went to a few when I was younger so being 29 didnt really make any difference. However, i appreciated the 90s setlist their DJ had for us and it had me thinking “wow, they must know we were coming!” LOL. The night was not that bad until the clock hit 1am because by that time I was dreading to go back to my hotel ,wear my slippers (i just wore 2 1/2 inches heels but it was already killing me) and sleep. Overall, it was still a good experience and I had fun which is the important things. So yeah, bring it on 2015!


It was my first time at this stone grill resto and thanks to Jess I had a food coma. I was never fond of sashimi but damn i thought i could finish two more plates of those. Soft shell crabs, tempura ahhhhhhhh delish! and that was just entree! 2015/01/img_1553.jpg

Brunetti’s a place that i’ll probably go back and indulge myself for a few more sweet treats.


My colleague’s son Insu gave me a birthday card and drew that for me ❤ he’s such a smart and loving kid. I’ll always treasure this!


European resto wasnt bad, i wished we made reservations so that we got good seats. Food was fine but they really do take time. We lack finesse as we had our dinner like how you’d eat in a fast food chain, LOL. The waiter was giving us the look and probably blacklisted us from their posh place. hahaha. Really, the only reason we dash to that place because it was beside the theatre and we needed something to eat before the show starts. *sigh*2015/01/img_1503.jpg

Photos below taken at the Princess theatre last Dec 30 this was the last show of the musical “ONCE” for the year 2014, IT WAS BITTERSWEET and they were all so talented. ❤


God help me  if only it wasnt almost 11pm I would’ve ordered 3 course meal at ChinChin’s. CULINARY HEAVEN! Ive read great reviews online but never really had a chance to go, so finally after watching the musical ONCE my friend and I decided to have drinks and try a dish or two at this restaurant. There was no reservations and at 10pm we thought we’d easily get seats but hell no we had to wait 30 minutes. So we had drinks at their bar while waiting and it felt like two midgets were lost in the land of the elves. Jesus! was there a conference of hot, gorgeous and tall people in that place!?? our short legs were hanging from these tall chairs and we were giggling like two school girls. Anyhow, we survived and finally I got a text message that our table was ready, 2015/01/img_1526.jpg

I think all of their dishes were good, i will be going back for more.

This was about 11:30-ish and people were starting to go home. I finally mustered the courage to snap some photos before we took bill. ^^


I find this place quite peaceful and despite of the size, majority of the people coming here only want to take photos. Yep tourists! 2015/01/img_1550-0.jpg

Happy New Year!!

Crowd at 1:30am dispersing after the fireworks display, HELLO 2015!


Morning after!


Love locks, really now. 2015/01/img_1595.jpg



Thank you once again my lovely city ❤



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