elphaba is my hero!

she is amazing and the show was phenomenal!!!

I was able catch the show last Dec 5 and it was so damn great! The thing about not knowing the story is that you dont have expectations and you get bits of surprises along the way which delights you even more. Before stepping into the theatre I only know one song from this musical which was the song DEFYING GRAVITY, unlike when i saw Lion King musical I know all of the songs.

Jemma Rix and Lucy Durack were wonderful as Elphaba and Glinda respectively. ❤

Our seats were cherry on top! haha bless Sunny for picking good seats this time.




That WICKED DRINK! i kept the glowing glass though hehe!2015/01/img_1333.jpg



we were that close!!!


Here are two videos of Jemma Rix singing Defying Gravity on Sunrise and the duo singing ‘For Good’



This year im looking forward for Les Mis in Sydney! I couldnt make up my mind whether to catch the show on their last week (June) or March. oh well, Sunny my theatre buddy will sort that out soon. ^^


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