Splurging in Melbourne

Who said shopping in a limited time would feel like a marathon!? that’s exactly how i felt when we spent one and a half day in Melbourne last week.  I have so many bittersweet memories in that city but i still wished i had enough time to roam around or see old friends. Anyhow, my friend Nerissa told me she’s flying to Melbourne in November and I’ll see if I can take a short leave during that month to see Beverly and her family who helped us a lot when we were still starting here in Aus.


Starbucks, GREEN TEA LATTE is love. I first discovered this in Seoul early this year and every time i go to Sydney I get this in Grande. HNNG. One thing i dont like though is that they keep writing my name that way.

That’s my friend Kris taking a tea break after  a big meal at Crown’s Conservatory. We were stuffed!


(Above: That’s my friend Kring)

I felt like I paid for the ambience more than the food, don’t get me wrong because lunch was lovely but it lacked variety?

So i wonder if we took the Dinner one would it be different? oh well.


It would’ve been nice to sit near the big windows…



Would i be coming back? sure i would. Though Kitchen Workshop would be a better choice if you go as a group.


First, it was a splurge of a moment thing because I felt i need to match my bag with a wallet. Like i dont even go out often but at that time i had to GET a wallet. Which made me think later on that it cost more than our new fridge. geez.

HELPPPPP, omg i am itching for a collection. Damn youtube videos and instagram. I did start with Eva Clutch which now im not too sure if i shouldve gotten a Delightful PM instead. I’ll find out if it will serve me well in Summer. hee.


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