I wish we can post GIFs on facebook just to shout out what i feel about this guy who is so needy and whines almost everytime he’s on facebook. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? i mean aren’t you old enough to pull yourself together? Sure once in a while I too get a little bit dramatic with my status but I just couldnt handle if someone does it ALL THE TIME. Given you had your greatest heartbreak almost a decade ago, these posts are just too much! Move on na pare ko!

Prinoproblema ko talaga ang facebook niya! hahahaha

This is me when he posts all those “nobody loves me” statuses

If only i can be so blunt and mean so that i can tell him “SHUT UP!!!! GET OVER IT!!” hay I feel horrible , it’s not my business really.  You’re not like this when I see you at work, why is it on facebook you’re so goddamn dramatic!? dinaig mo pa ang mga babae sa pagka O.A

Someone should ban you from using social media sites. LOL joke lang.




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