The QUEEN made her last bow in Socchi

Last Winter Olympics in Socchi was the first time i woke up so damn early to catch Kim Yuna perform her free skate program. Im not the type that follows any olympic program but i did this time because i was hoping that ‘THE QUEEN’ will get the second and last gold. To be honest I wasnt that upset that she didn’t get it because while I was watching her interview and practices she just has this tired facial expression almost the whole time.

Like she wanted it to be over and done with, now I dont think that mindset is something you expect from a person who thirst for the gold medal. Dont get me wrong, she skated perfectly but she executed her routine for performance not to compete.

For what it’s worth, I still think she is one of the best figure skater we’ve seen in this lifetime. Sure we will probably find new talents out there but Kim Yuna’s technical ability and elegance on ice will forever live on.


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