Funny that all we did during the weekend was to eat. Lol 

Who knew I’d go back to blogging after all these years? oh well.

Id like to think that i opened this wordpress account in preparation to my Seoultrip 2014. (Heaven forbid that it will be moved to 2015 O.o  )   My name is Leslie and I wish to be a JEDI…wut!? well not really,unlike Jedis’ i lack self discipline and what not. I hate introductions even if Im pretty sure that I’ll be the only one who will read this but here goes nothing.

Im a female living in down under who’s work involves with taking care of sick people and age nearing the end of the calendar (yikes).  I love anything KOREAN since early 2000 and it shows with the title of this account. My blog will not follow one single interest but more like a bibimbap..a mix of anything good and weird. Oh and of course I’d be posting about my old and future travel plans. As for the title LEFT IN SEORAE… to be honest i didnt really put any creative juices when I chose the name. Seorae is that place in Seoul, Korea that translate to “Little France” which combines my two MUST travel destinations Paris and Seoul.

So there it is my love for Paris and Seoul in one. I just hope I wont shut down this blog like what I did to my previous ones LOL


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